100 Triathlons and counting…


Today is a huge day for my wife Kimberly. Today, she will race in her 100th career triathlon! She’s been racing triathlon for I believe something like 12 years (I may be wrong about that number). She took last year off to have our daughter Morgan, so I know she’s been looking forward to this season and accomplishing this goal. She’s been so dedicated to the sport of triathlon, she even takes jobs like swim coach and spin teacher just to keep training for her races. Her passion for this sport even leaked into me a bit while we were in Texas. She had me doing some of these races too! I have yet to do any since being in Georgia. This may have something to do with spending two summers overseas with my unit. So today, if you see the woman pictured below, give her a huge hug and high five as she just accomplished something amazing! Love you babe!

Kim Tri Photo
This photo made me want to date her. 


Here’s the training I did this week. Monday through Friday only, resting this weekend.

16 July 2018


2 Snatch – First 8 rounds at 135#, last 4 rounds at 155#.

For Time:

500m Row buy in, then:

2 Rounds-

15 OHS 115#

15 T2B

Time – 6:50

Bike Conditioning

10x 500m w/ 30 seconds rest between efforts

Total time- 12:15

17 July 2018


5×5 with my opposite grip


For Time-

500m Row

15 Strict Press 95#

10 C2B Pull-ups

500m Row

12 Strict Press

8 C2B

500m Row

9 Strict Press

6 C2B

Time – 10:51

3 Person Row Relay

6000m switching every 300m

Time – 26:05

18 July 2018


2 Clean and Jerk @ 185# *I did Power Clean, Push Jerk, Squat Clean, Push Jerk


30 DUs

15 KBS 53#

15 HR Pushups

Score – 5 + 17 reps


10 Calorie Air Bike

20 Abmat situps

19 July 2018

Back Squat

3 x 5

135-185-205 (All from floor)

In 3 Minutes: max effort bar facing burpees

Score – 34


500m Row

20 Alt. Dumbell Snatches 50#

Time – 17:21

20 July 2018

Strict Press

8 x 5



15 Wallballs 20# 10 ft

30 Calorie Air Bike

Time – 18:31

Row Conditioning

250m-500m-750m-1000m-750m-500m-250m w/90 seconds rest


My Dual Threat Wife


I just want to start off with saying that I find it highly appropriate that Military Spouse Appreciation Day fell in the same week as Mother’s Day weekend. Why? Because, my wife, well, she rocks at both aspects.

Kim has been a great military spouse from day one. She understands the sacrifices sometimes needed when the Army has other plans for where I need to spend my nights. She handles a lot of the random house work in addition to holding down her own job, sometimes two or three jobs. I try to help out with it when I’m home, but let’s be honest, men tend not to be the best as laundry.

As wonderful of a wife as she is, watching her develop into an even better mother for Morgan has been the highlight of my life so far. She was so nervous about becoming a mother. Who can blame her? I imagine every woman has some nerves about it, it seems only natural to me. She sure has blossomed well in the role though. I have to see everything from a distance these last few months, but I absolutely know for sure that Morgan is priority number one for Kim. She has lost sleep, dealt with illness, navigates a house with not one, but two inflatable pools in the living room to hold toys and attempt to provide a play area for Morgan, and she’s done it all with a smile on her face every time she leaves the house. She sure does love being a mom, here’s some proof!

Kim took Morgan on her 1st 5k run a few weeks ago. 

Introducing Morgan to lobster while visiting grandparents in Florida.

Oh, don’t forget that Kim is back in the triathlon scene this year. She’s on schedule to hit her milestone 100th race! She just finished up the Jekyll Island Turtle Crawl Triathlon yesterday. So, she’s setting a great example for Morgan and other parents out there to continue being active and pursuing a fit lifestyle.

So, while Kim is not one to go hunting for recognition or praise, today, I’m going to share with the world (or at least whoever reads this) just how awesome she is. Happy Mother’s Day to my amazing wife and the mother of my daughter. You are crushing life! Morgan and I love you and cannot be any more proud of who you are!

Here’s my first full week of training since being back from the field.

7 May 2018
12 Deadlifts
9 Hang Power Cleans
6 Push Jerks with 155lbs
Time – 11:22
Air Bike Intervals
5 Rounds
3 minutes on, 2 minutes off for calories
Scores- 41, 39, 38, 37, 39
Front Squat
6×3 Ascending
KBS 53#
Box Jump 24″
Abmat Situps
Time- 9:50
8 May 2018
6×3 Ascending
8 minute AMRAP
2:2, 4:4, 6:6, etc
Bar Facing Burpee
Deadlift 185#
Score- Complete Rd of 12 + 6 burpees
Row Intervals
500m w/ 1 minute rest
9 May 2018
10 Pushups
5 Pullups
10 Wallballs 20lb 10 ft
250m run
Score- 8 Rounds
10 May 2018
Back Squat 
6×3 Ascending
I caught the last three sets on video. This used to be light weight for me, not so much anymore with my increased focus on conditioning over strength. 
Calorie Row
Thrusters 95#
Time- 5:39
50 Calories for Time x 3 with 1 minute rest
11 May 2018
Power Snatch – Overhead Squat – Full Snatch Complex
*First time with a full snatch since coming to Korea
For Time:
6 Snatch 95#
12 Chest to Bar Pullups
20 DU
4 Snatch
8 C2B
20 DU
2 Snatch
4 C2B
20 DU
Time- 4:33
30 Calorie Airbike
20 Push Press 95#
Time- 10:02

After all of that this week, let’s just say I was glad to take the weekend off for CQ duties. 

The Journey Begins

Let me be honest, I’ve tried this blog thing before. I was not very good at it. If I had to guess why, it is because I tried solely to focus on my life in the Army and my journey through the fitness world. Now, I have more in my life to write about and share with you. No longer is fitness the only thing I concern myself with. I am a husband. I am a father. My family is my focus in life. I still enjoy working out, and I still serve as a Soldier in the U.S. Army. Yet, those two things no longer define who I am. Now, I define myself by how well I can provide for my wife and daughter. Those two people are my driving force.

This is Kimberly and Morgan. My two favorite people in this world. 
Let me first start off by trying to offer up an explanation for the title I have chosen for this blog. The three F-words as I will call them. 

As I already stated, my family is my number one priority. I’d like to think that I’m now on the path to growing up a little bit more and really learning what it means to be a man. Kimberly and Morgan count on me to be there. I count on myself to be there. They deserve my best for the wonderful times they have brought to my life. 
Kimberly and I have been married for a short time over 3 years now, together for over 5. She has taken me on adventures and helped me open my horizons to places and things I never would have without her by my side. She pushes me to be more open minded. Having her in my life has made me a better human, period. 
Kimberly and I exploring the Magnolia Plantation in Charleston, SC.
Morgan Isabelle was born July 15, 2017 and from that moment my outlook on life changed. I had been told in the past by other parents that it would, but never in my wildest imagination did I think it would be an instantaneous switch. Once she entered this world I found a new purpose. I had to learn to be a father and try to teach this little, innocent human how to grow into a woman who can have her own impact on this world. She has been nothing short of amazing. She has an infectious smile and a personality that everyone who meets her adores. Having her in my life gives me something to look forward to every day I open my eyes. 
She lights up my day. 


I still plan on sharing with you my fitness interests. Some photos and videos here and there. My opinions on current or past events and ideas surrounding the fitness community. My personal journey as it continues to develop. Fitness is something I enjoy and I believe every human needs to have some form of activity in their life that promotes fitness and health. In today’s world, with the USA leading the way, too many people are sedentary and suffering from ill health. While I no longer coach Crossfit, I still would like to encourage everyone to find a good gym with caring coaches and try Crossfit out. The methods and communities that have been developed have helped so many people find their inner athlete and create a fitter, healthier version of themselves. It truly is a wonderful community. Kimberly and I are members of Strike Hard Crossfit here in Hinesville, GA. Joining this gym has been nothing short of a great decision. Coaches who care about us growing. Friends who keep us accountable and striving for growth. A community striving to be better together, one day at a time. If you’re ever in the Hinesville or Fort Stewart area, I highly encourage you to drop in and check it out.

Starting Morgan on her fitness journey early. 

This category is here as my catch all. I wanted to have an option to write about whatever topic I wanted and still have it follow the titling of the blog. I can talk about my time in the Army, my reborn interest in all things financial, or any other topic or idea that suits my mood at the time. I would guess that most of my thoughts and posts will fall under this broad category, and that is okay with me. If this is to be a successful sharing of my story, surely you’ll want to read about more than just my family and fitness journey. I know I would anyway.

Disclaimer: This is a hobby for me. I will use this outlet as a way to share my life events I deem worthy as often as I desire. I cannot and will not offer up a set schedule to my posts. By doing so, I think it limits the authenticity and warmth I could provide to you, the reader. Also, being a father to a 5 month old and a Soldier in the U.S. Army, my schedule is not set in stone. Please note also that anything posted in this blog will be my story and opinion only. In no way should anything I write be seen as professional advice or the opinion of any person or organization other than myself, the author.  Happy reading folks!